picture of 2019 WCRA $500,000 Semi-Finals: RidePass PRO

Completed, May 16-19, 2019

Watch the WCRA's $500,000 Semi-Finals live on FloRodeo May 16 to 19, 2019. We'll be streaming the slack rounds on May 16 and 17 where competitors in the 51-100th spots in the standings will be trying to make their way into the $500,000 Semi-Finals on May 18 and 19. 

Show Results

See results for the 2019 WCRA $500,00 Semi-Finals in Guthrie, Oklahoma May 16-19. Results courtesy of the WCRA.


Pool AScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Seth Hardwick85.5$7,000Advancing
Mike Solberg84$5,250Advancing
Nate McFadden83.5$3,500Advancing
Wyatt Denny82.5$1,750Already Qualified Via Chicago
Clayton Biglow80
Jamie Howlett78.5

Kenny Haworth77

Kirk St. Clair65

Hunter GreenNS

Pool BScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Garrett Shadbolt88$7,000Advancing
Ty Breuer87.5$5,250Advancing
Shane O'Connell86$3,500Advancing
George Gillespie82$1,750Advancing
Tilden Hooper79.5

RC Landingham78

Taylor Broussard77

Matt CrumplerNS

Anthony ThomasNS

Steer Wrestling

Pool ATimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Tristan Martin4.34$7,000Advancing
Jace Melvin4.47$5,250Advancing
Blake Mindemann4.53$3,500Advancing
Tory Johnson4.59$1,750Advancing
Justin Shaffer5.1

Don Payne5.28

Riley DuvallNT

Gary GilbertNT

Pool BTimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Bridger Anderson4.13$7,000Advancing
Luke Branquinho4.27$5,250Advancing
Tanner Brunner4.52$3,500Advancing
Stockton Graves4.57$1,750Advancing
Nick Guy5.14

Stetson Jorgensen5.61

Bubba Boots5.98

Dru MelvinNT

Saddle Bronc Riding

Pool AScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Brody Cress86$7,000Advancing
Parker Fleet81$5,250Advancing
Jake Finlay79$3,500Advancing
Kole Ashbacher76$1,750Advancing
Dusty Hausauer69

Joey Sonnier64

Ross GriffinNS

Shade EtbauerNS

Sean PraterNS

Pool BScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Coburn Bradshaw88.5$7,000Advancing
Sterling Crawley85$5,250Advancing
Colt Gordon84$3,500Advancing
Shorty Garrett82$850Advancing
Jacobs Crawley82$850
Jarrod Hammons81.5

Cort Scheer81

Wyatt Casper80.5

Logan Cook80.5

Team Roping

Pool ATimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Luke Brown/Paul Eaves5.3$7,000Advancing
Erich Rogers/Paden Bray5.5$5,250Advancing
Cyle Denison/Jake Clay5.6$3,500Advancing
Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp6.6$1,750Advancing
Dustin Equsquiza/Kory KoontzNT

Peyton Walters/Justin CoppNT

Josh Torres/Jonathan TorresNT

Tucker Menz/Dustin EgusquizaNT

Pool BTimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Aaron Tsinigine/Logan Medlin5.3$7,000Advancing
Tyler Wade/Billie Jack Saebens5.7$5,250Advancing
Manny Egusquiza/Dustin Searcy5.7$3,500Advancing
David Key/Rich Skelton 5.9$1,750Advancing
Charly Crawford/Patrick Smith6.3

Aaron Macy/Michael TashNT

Trevor Brazile/Joseph HarrisonNT

Garrett Tonozzi/Dustin DavisNT

Tie-Down Roping

Pool ATimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Tanner Green7.31$7,000Advancing
Wyatt Williams7.49$5,250Advancing
Ryle Smith7.84$3,500Advancing
Caddo Lewallen7.96$1,750Advancing
Charlie Gibson9.09

Brock Belkham9.63

Ryan Jarrett11.44

Cole WilsonNT

Pool BTimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Haven Meged8.1$7,000Advancing
Timber Moore8.93$5,250Advancing
Michael Otero9.51$3,500Advancing
Braden Harris10.82$1,750Advancing
Hunter ReaumeNT

Jake PrattNT

Cooper MartinNT

Monty LewisNT

Breakaway Roping

Pool ATimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Cheyanne Guillory2.48$7,000Advancing
Addie Weil2.56$5,250Advancing
Lauren Bane2.63$3,500Advancing
Angie Green2.87$1,750Advancing
Tibba Smith3.21

Sarah Morrissey3.81

Ashleigh WilliamsNT

Cassidy BoggsNT

Pool BTimePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Makayla Boisjoli2.35$7,000Advancing
Keslie Chase2.48$5,250Advancing
Hope Thompson2.67$3,500Advancing
Shelby Boisjoli2.94$1,750Advancing
Rylie Smith3.15

Taylor MunsellNT

JJ HamptonNT

Cali GriffinNT

Barrel Racing

Pool AScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi16.227$7,000Advancing
Sabra Oquinn16.33$5,250Advancing
Ivy Conrado16.469$3,500Advancing
Ashlyn Goven16.469$1,750Advancing
Cindy Woods16.629

Sarah Chirstensen16.701

Sara Cheeney16.704

Cheyenne Wimberley21.526

Pool BScorePayoutTop 4 Advance To Green Bay
Amanda Harris16.136$7,000Advancing
Michelle Darling16.156$5,250Advancing
Chani Graves16.359$3,500Advancing
Jennifer Driver16.427$1,750Advancing
Lisa Lockhart16.462

Ari-Anna Flynn16.47

Ivy Hurst16.495

Brittany Fellows17.189

Bull Riding

Pool AScorePayoutTop 2 Advance To Green Bay
Chandler Bownds86.5$17,500Advancing
Tate SmithNSWyatt RogersAdvancing
Weston HartmanNS*The final four competitors will advance from PBR Albuquerque
Dakota SeymourNS

Wallace De OliveiraNS

Travis BriscoeNS

Warlen AquinoNS

Pool BScorePayoutTop 2 Advance To Green Bay
Jesse Petri87.25$17,500Advancing
Maycon MouraMarcos GloriaAdvancing
Trey Kimzey

Jake Gowdy

Boudreaux Campbell

Wyatt Rogers

Jesse Petri