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‘What It Takes To Be A Winner’: Feild

‘That’s What It Takes To Be A Winner’: Kaycee Feild

Mar 3, 2018

Select Footage Courtesy of RFD-TV EVENTS, LLC.

“That’s what it takes to be a winner — dreaming before you actually can do it,” said Kaycee Feild.

It's well-spoken, and backed up, advice from the competitor who dominated the game of bareback riding, winning every world title from 2011 to 2014 before coming back from an injury in 2016 to now win RFD-TV’s The American, presented by Dish.

When Feild saw the horse he had drawn in the top four round — C5 Rodeo’s “Virgil”, the 2017 PRCA Bareback Horse Of The Year — he said he knew he was going to make a million-dollar ride. Feild talked about the euphoric feeling the ride gave him in the press conference shortly after he accepted his portion of the million-dollar bonus.

“When I marked that horse out I saw his ear flicker,” explained Feild about the ride that seemed to happen in slow motion for him. “I could have popped a bubble with my bubble gum.”

Fans were happy to know that a win like this had Feild thinking about a longer career, extended by the opportunity to rodeo less and save his body. More so, Feild was excited about what a check like this could do for him after he hung up his spurs. 

“This is a great event, it changes people’s lives. It changed mine today,” said Feild.