picture of 2019 World Professional Chuckwagon Association: Ponoka Stampede

Completed, Jun 27-Jul 2, 2019

Watch the World Professional Chuckwagon Association's 2019 season stop at the Ponoka Stampede June 25 to July 1 in Ponoka, Alberta. Drivers also have the special opportunity to win the "big bucks" if they can make it into the Tommy Dorchester $50,000.00 Winner-Take-All Championship final heat on July 1.

Wednesday, June 26: 8:30PM CST (7:30PM MST)

Thursday, June 27: 8:30PM CST (7:30PM MST)

Friday, June 28: 8:30PM CST (7:30PM MST)

Saturday, June 29: 8:30PM CST (7:30PM MST)

Sunday, June 30: 8:30PM CST (7:30PM MST)

Monday, July 1: 7:30PM CST (6:30PM MST)