2019 Canadian Finals Rodeo

Analysis: The Whole Timed Event Game Could Change After CFR Night One

Analysis: The Whole Timed Event Game Could Change After CFR Night One

We analyzed the Canadian Finals Rodeo timed event competitors to see just how close these battles in Red Deer are going to be.

Oct 11, 2019 by Katy Lucas
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We love crunching numbers, so now that the official list of competitors for the 2019 Canadian Finals Rodeo is in we wanted to know just how much of a fight we’re about to see between the competitors in each of the events.

We started with the roughstock competitors (see that analysis HERE), and now we’re moving to the timed events which are some of the tightest races heading into the CFR this year.

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We’ll start by filling you in on the whopping payout at this year’s CFR:

CFR Payout
Go Rounds (6)Aggregate

Total payout$1,620,000.00


With those huge payout numbers in mind, some competitors may only be one small round placing away from the lead, while others have their work cut out for them if they want to walk away with Canadian titles in 2019. When looking at the spread between first and twelfth in all events one thing is certain, everyone has a chance to do it and no one is safe.

 Check out our lists below to see how far behind the lead each of the 2-12 competitors are, and what that difference equates to when you look at the round placings each night. (For sake of simplicity, we’ve only translated the dollar amounts into round placings, instead of including the aggregate breakdowns). 

Tie-Down Ropers: The Tightest Race From Top To Bottom Of All Events

Tie-down roping season leader Morgan Grant is going into the 2019 Canadian Finals Rodeo with $23,521.50, but even the No. 12 man–Shane Smith with $14,453.67–could only be one round away from catching him. Grant – the three-time Canadian High Point champion – decided to focus on just one event this year and it seems to have paid off with his No. 1 seat heading into the “Grey Cup” rodeo of Canada. 

 Grant made runs like this all year – including picking up checks consistently on the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association’s Finning Pro Tour (watch the entire tour HERE). 

Grant certainly won’t give up his lead without a fight, but the tie-down roping is the absolute-tightest race going into the CFR with just over $9,000 separating the whole pack, which is less than what ONE ROUND pays (1st place in a round pays $10,530). So what does that mean for the tie-down ropers? 

It’s anyone’s game.


1Morgan GrantDIDSBURY, AB23,521.500.00LEADER
2Haven MegedMILES CITY, MT19,790.21-3,731.293rd in a round
3Logan BirdNANTON, AB19,697.85-3,823.653rd in a round
4Alwin BouchardSCANDIA, AB19,617.13-3,904.373rd in a round
5Erik DublankoTHORSBY, AB19,190.02-4,331.483rd in a round
6Lee RomboughSEXSMITH, AB17,219.35-6,302.152nd in a round
7Blair SmithWIMBORNE, AB17,176.68-6,344.822nd in a round
8Shane HancheySULPHUR, LA16,724.67-6,796.832nd in a round
9Jesse PopesculWOOD MOUNTAIN, SK14,810.78-8,710.721st in a round
10Ty HarrisSAN ANGELO, TX14,647.20-8,874.301st in a round
11Cody McCartneyOTTAWA LAKE, MI14,550.63-8,970.871st in a round
12Shane SmithWIMBORNE, AB14,453.67-9,067.831st in a round


Steer Wrestling: Thomas, Brunner And The Cassidy’s On Guenthner’s Tail For Night One

 The reigning Canadian champion steer wrestler has a chance to go back-to-back, but there are four other guys that are on his tail right off the start. Scott Guenthner had another electric season in the CPRA with three Finning Pro Tour wins, including this one at the Grande Prairie Stompede (watch the replays HERE). 

Guenthner Wins Grande Prairie

Those wins culminated in a Finning Pro Tour win for Guenthner – watch him compete all season on the tour HERE.

With only $14,501.37 between No. 1 and No. 12, it’s still anyone’s game – but the top five are all within one paycheck away from the lead on night one. 


1Scott GuenthnerPROVOST, AB29,768.780.00LEADER
2Cody CassidyDONALDA, AB27,170.96-2,597.823rd in a round
3Curtis CassidyDONALDA, AB24,644.29-5,124.493rd in a round
4Tanner BrunnerRAMONA, KS20,923.46-8,845.321st in a round
5Jason ThomasBENTON, AR20,183.10-9,585.681st in a round
6Layne DelemontCHAUVIN, AB17,825.24-11,943.541 round win and a 4th
7Hunter CureHOLLIDAY, TX17,465.56-12,303.221 round win and a 4th
8Brendan LayeCONSORT, AB17,009.64-12,759.141 round win and a 4th
9Stephen CullingFORT ST. JOHN, BC16,619.24-13,149.541 round win and a 3rd
10Ty MillerWAINWRIGHT, AB16,287.40-13,481.381 round win and a 3rd
11Clayton MoorePOUCE COUPE, BC16,113.32-13,655.461 round win and a 3rd
12Bridger ChambersSTEVENSVILLE, MT15,267.41-14,501.371 round win and a 3rd


Team Ropers: 23 Ropers Could Lead After Night One

Much like the tie-down roping, the team roping is wide open right from night one. With a $9,163.49 spread between the top and bottom on the heading side, every single competitor has a chance to overtake the lead on the very first night of competition.

On the other end, the heeling side has a slightly wider spread with $10,794.75 separating the No. 1 man from No. 12, but that means there are still 11 heelers that can take over the lead in just one round.  

The team they’re ALL chasing? The Graham boys.

Graham Brothers Could Be In CFR

Dawson and Dillon Graham are making their first appearance at the CFR – something they realized had become a reality when they won the 2019 Strathmore Stampede in August. Watch full replays of Strathmore HERE


1Dawson GrahamWAINWRIGHT, AB21,891.820.00LEADER
2Logan BonnettPONOKA, AB20,674.79-1,217.034th in a round
3Clay UlleryTWO HILLS, AB20,441.76-1,450.064th in a round
4Matt SherwoodPIMA, AZ19,401.07-2,490.753rd in a round
5Tuftin McLeodWALDECK, SK17,626.07-4,265.753rd in a round
6Steele DePaoliLONGVIEW, AB15,301.27-6,590.552nd in a round
7Kolton SchmidtBARRHEAD, AB13,646.66-8,245.161st in a round
8Brett BussPONOKA, AB13,382.52-8,509.301st in a round
9Kal FullerBOZEMAN, MT13,333.04-8,558.781st in a round
10Levi SimpsonPONOKA, AB13,313.88-8,577.941st in a round
11Garrett RogersBAKER CITY, OR13,004.88-8,886.941st in a round
12Justin McCarrollCAMROSE AB12,728.33-9,163.491st in a round



1Dillon GrahamWAINWRIGHT, AB21,891.810.00LEADER
2Keely BonnettPONOKA, AB20,674.80-1,217.014th in a round
3Riley WarrenSTETTLER, AB20,441.81-1,450.004th in a round
4Hunter KochVERNON, TX19,513.86-2,377.954th in a round
5Tyce McLeodWALDECK, SK17,626.05-4,265.763rd in a round
6Kasper RoyMOSSLEIGH, AB17,423.15-4,468.663rd in a round
7Riley WilsonCARDSTON, AB15,723.75-6,168.062nd in a round
8Jeremy BuhlerARROWWOOD, AB13,491.59-8,400.221st in a round
9Jacob MinorELLENSBURG13,004.86-8,886.951st in a round
10Brett McCarrollCAMROSE, AB12,728.38-9,163.431st in a round
11Klay WhytePONOKA, AB11,878.99-10,012.821st in a round
12Tristin WoolseyNANTON, AB11,097.06-10,794.751 round win plus a 5th



Barrel Racers: Most Ground To Cover Of All Timed Events

 The barrel racing looks a lot more like the roughstock events in that it is the only event on the timed event side of the arena that has more than $15,000 separating the No. 1 competitor, from the No. 12. Justine Elliott leads the ladies with $38,421.17 in earnings while No. 12, Shelby Spielman, comes in just over $24 thousand behind with $14,276.63 in earnings.

Elliott Wins The 2019 Wainwright Stampede

Elliott earned the bulk of that lead on the 2019 Finning Pro Tour – watch full replays of the entire tour, including her win at the Wainwright Stampede and the Tour Final HERE.

Because of that lead, only one competitor can catch her on the first night of competition, but that competitor happens to be the world champion barrel racer, Mary Walker. From round two on the field starts to become larger, but they’re the two to watch in round one.


1Justine ElliottLACOMBE, AB38,421.170.00LEADER
2Mary WalkerENNIS, TX31,585.55-6,835.622nd in a round
3Stacey RuzickaBLUFFTON, AB25,996.67-12,424.501 round win and a 4th
4Taylor ManningYELLOWHEAD COUNTY, AB25,819.26-12,601.911 round win and a 4th
5Brooke WillsKAMLOOPS, BC25,017.37-13,403.801 round win and a 3rd
6Angela GanterABILENE, TX21,789.41-16,631.761 round win and a 2nd
7Bertina OlafsonHUDSON BAY, SK21,383.80-17,037.371 round win and a 2nd
8Jennifer SharpRICHARDS, TX18,929.91-19,491.262 round wins
9Jenna  O'ReillyMILLARVILLE, AB18,882.02-19,539.152 round wins
10Jackie GanterABILENE, TX18,274.93-20,146.242 round wins
11Lynette BrodowayBROOKS, AB15,620.64-22,800.532 round wins and a 4th
12Shelby SpielmanDALHART, TX14,276.63-24,144.542 round wins and a 3rd


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