Callahan Crossley & Amberleigh Moore Both Make It Through Wildcard Saturday On Moore's Horses

Moore Lends Crossley A Horse

It's one of the greatest examples of that famous "rodeo comradary" and sportsmanship this reporter has ever seen. Callahan Crossley had been swapping horses throughout her pool at the Calgary Stampede and just not having a lot of luck. 

When Crossley needed a horse for Wildcard Saturday, Amberleigh Moore - who was also competing on Saturday - didn't hesitate to offer up her backup horse "Ducky". Moore made it through the wildcard performance with her time of 17.50 on her famous mare Paige, while Crossley topped the field with a 17.37 on her first time riding Ducky. 

Listening to the interview, it's hard to say which run the owner was more proud of.

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