picture of 2019 World Professional Chuckwagon Association: Century Downs World Finals

Completed, Aug 21-25, 2019

Watch the World Professional Chuckwagon Association's 2019 stop at Century Downs World Finals August 21-25 in Rocky View County, Alberta.

Show Results

See the WPCA World Standings day-by-day during the Century Downs World Finals August 21-25, 2019, courtesy of the WPCA.

After four days of going head-to-head with Vern Nolin, Kurt Bensmiller was able to take home his fourth world title. The brothers-in-law dueled it out for four days but it was ultimately Bensmiller's faster times that earned the champion more day points and a higher placing in the aggregate that finally overtook Nolin.

1Kurt Bensmiller1247
2Vern Nolin1217.5
3Logan Gorst1128
4Codey McCurrach1083.5
5Kirk Sutherland1083
6Luke Tournier1055
7Mark Sutherland1043.5
8Ross Knight985
9Chanse Vigen980
10Cody Ridsdale978
11Jordie Fike972
12Layne MacGillivray963
13Evan Salmond961
14Jason Glass943
15John Walters902
16Mitch Sutherland889.5
17Darcy Flad871
18Doug Irvine830
19Gary Gorst797.5
20Dustin Gorst777.5
21Obrey Motowylo776.5
22Chad Fike774.5
23Chance Flad751.5
24Chad Harden745
25Troy Flad721.5
26Troy Dorchester680
27Roger Moore675.5
28Wade Salmond652.5
29Bob Van Eaton595.5
30Josh Hrynyk524
31Dayton Sutherland496.5
32Curtis Morin495
33Mike Vigen432
34Kelly Morin407
35Layne Flad383
36Blaid Flad254
37Roy Romanow222