The American Steer Wrestling Qualifier
Nov 17
Rapid City, South Dakota
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See the results for The Junior American steer wrestling qualifier in Rapid City, SD November 17, 2018.

See which 19 and under competitors were successful in vying for their spots in the first-ever Junior American: 


Guz Franzen15.03$712.50
Wyatt Schaack (B)17.44$475.00

Complete results: 

The Junior AmericanRound OneRound TwoShort GoAverage
Gus Franzen (A)5.974.514.5515.03/3
Wyann Schaack (B)5.157.794.517.44/3
Seth Shorb (B)8.64.395.3218.31/3
Wyatt Tibbitts (B)5.064.938.7818.77/3
Logan Lemmel6.615.2512.424.26/3
Wyann Schaack (A)4.485.7414.1324.35/3
Denton Good (A)4.2713.6313.6731.57/3
Denton Good (B)10.216.715.4432.35/3
Seth Shorb (A)4.9617.812.1134.87/3
Wyatt Tibbitts (A)29.115.64NT34.75/2
Gus Franzen (B)5.49NTNT5.49/1