picture of 2018 Finning Pro Tour: Wainwright Stampede

Jun 22-25, 2018

Stop No. 1 on the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association's Finning Pro Tour is the Wainwright Stampede June 21-24 in Wainwright, Alberta. Now in its 65th year, the Wainwright Stampede hosts five performance of Canadian Professional Rodeo that culminates in an exciting short go on June 24 where only the best come back to compete for the title and $88,000 in added money!


See results from the 2018 Wainwright Stampede, the first stop on the CPRA's Finning Canada Pro Tour!

See results from the Wainwright Stampede after the short round on Sunday evening. Steer wrestlers, team ropers, and tie-down ropers all took their first-round runs on Wednesday and will now take round two in the performances and a second slack. 

Roughstock competitors take one round during the performances.

See the final unofficial results below:


Round One

Ty Taypotat85.5$1,729.88Calgary Stampede's S-45 Saturn Rocket
Orin Larsen85$1,112.04
Jake Vold85$1,112.04
Clint Laye85$1,112.04
JR Vezain82.5$329.51
Dantan Bertsch82.5$329.51
Gavin Derose82.5$123.56
Dylan Bilton82$123.56
Kelly Timberman81.5

Michael Solberg81.5


Clint Laye87.5$1,600Vold Rodeo's Mucho Dinero
Ty Taypotat86$1,200
Orin Larsen84.5$800
Dantan Bertsch83.5$400

Clint Laye172.5$1,729.84
Ty Taypotat171.5$1,420.94
Orin Larsen169.5$1,112.04
Dantan Bertsch166$803.14
Kelly Timberman160.5$494.24
JR Vezain160$308.90
Dylan Bilton155.5$185.34
Jake Vold85$123.56


Round One

Harley Cole4.4$1,645.88
Jacob Talley4.5$1,431.20
Stephen Culling4.6$1,216.62
Derek Frank4.7$679.82
Justin Shaffer4.7$679.82
Mike McGinn4.7$679.82
Scott Guenthner4.7$679.82
Layne Delemont4.8$71.61
Jesse Brown4.8$71.61
Round Two

Joe Guze3.5$1,645.88
Curtis Cassidy4$1,431.20
Bridger Chambers4.1$1,216.52
Ted Gollaher4.2$1,001.84
Ty Miller4.3$781.16
Craig Weisgerber4.5$572.48
Straws Milan4.6$250.46
Jesse Brown4.6$250.46

Harley Cole4.6$1,600
Scott Guenthner5.1$1,200
Jesse Brown5.2$800
Jacob Talley5.3$400

Scott Guenthner14.6$1,753.22
Jesse Brown14.6$1,753.22
Jacob Talley14.6$1,753.22
Harley Cole14.7$1,341.75
Stephen Culling14.9$1,127.07
Mike McGinn16.5$912.39
Ted Gollaher22.5$697.71
Jordan Ness9.6$590.37*on two
Coleman Kohorst10.2$402.52
Craig Weisgerber10.2$402.52


Round One

Brody Cress84$2,124.64Duffy Rodeo's 6 Stix
Zeke Thurston83$1,555.54
Rickey Warren83$1,555.54
Dawson Hay82$561.88
Dustin Flundra82$561.88
Justin Berg82$561.88
Lane Watt82$561.88
Taygen Schuelke81.5$50.58
Isaac Diaz81.5$50.58
Clay Elliott81.5$50.58

Zeke Thurston85$1,600Outlaw Buckers' D 983 Bright Lights
Isaac Diaz83$1,200
Brody Cress82.5$800
Taygen Schuelke81$400

Zeke Thurston168$2,124.64
Brody Cress166.5$1,745.24
Isaac Diaz164.5$1,365.84
Taygen Schuelke162.5$986.44
Clay Elliott162$607.04
Justin Berg156.5$379.40
Dustin Flundra156$297.64
Ricky Warren83$151.76*on one


Round One

Denver Johnson/Tristin Woolsey5.5$1,344.78
Wyatt Branden/Aaron Miller6$1,160.68
Kyle Smith/Cole Pozzobon$986.59
Garrett Rogers/Russell Cardoza6.3$812.48
Ty Johnson/Leonard Johnson7.3$638.37
Brady Chappel/Riley Roy7.4$464.28
AJ Sullivan/Travis Gallais7.8$290.17
Tristan Williams/Joey Romo II8.2$116.07
Round Two

Brenten Hall/Chase Tryan4.2$1,344.79
Clay Ullery/Riley Warren5.2$1,160.68
Dalton Kraft/Jared Pancoast5.4$986.59
Tyler Popescul/Wyatt Hayes5.5$725.42
Denver Johnson/Tristin Woolsey5.5$725.42
Nick Teixeira/Jace Lambert5.9$464.28
Ty Johnson/Leonard Johnson6.5$290.17
Kale Peterson/Thomas Kaiser7.5$116.07
AJ Sullivan/Travis Gallais7.6

Nolan Conway/Chad Johnson8.1


Denver Johnson/Tristin Woolsey6.1$1,200
Ty Johnson/Leonard Johnson7.2$900
AJ Sullivan/Travis Gallais7.6$600
Clay Ullery/Riley Warren8.6$300

Denver Johnson/Tristin Woolsey17.1$2,002.18
Ty Johnson/Leonard Johnson21$1,741.03
AJ Sullivan/Travis Gallais23$1,479.87
Brenten Hall/Chase Tryan24.1$1,218.72
Clay Ullery/Riley Warren29.1$957.56
Kyle Smith/Cole Pozzobon31.8$696.41
Tristan Williams/Joey Romo II40.7$435.26
Nolan Conway/Chad Johnson17.5$174.11*on two


Round One

Cory Solomon7.6$1,812.66
Randall Carlisle8.7$1,676.23
Murray Pole9$1,339.79
Keely Bonnett9.1$1,103.36
Blair Smith9.2$866.93
Wyatt Hayes9.3$394.05
Darren Dublanko9.3$394.05
Taylor Santos9.3$394.05
Round Two

Lee Rombough8.4$1,694.45
Bo Pickett8.4$1,694.45
Randall Carlisle8.5$1,339.79
Trevor Brazile8.6$1,103.36
Kyle Lucas8.9$866.93
Ty Harris9$630.48
Russell Cardoza9.1$394.06
Joe Keating9.3$157.62
Blair Smith9.4

Layne Smith9.4


Cory Solomon8.9$1,600
Kyle Lucas9.4$1,200
Taylor Santos9.6$800
Blair Smith9.7$400

Cory Solomon26.6$2,127.91
Blair Smith28.3$1,950.58
Kyle Lucas28.7$1,714.15
Tyler Johnson30$1,477.72
Taylor Santos30.2$1,241.28
Randall Carlisle30.3$1,004.85
Trevor Brazile30.5$768.41
Bo Pickett30.8$650.19
Clayton Smith39$531.98
Keely Bonnett20.6$354.65*on two


Round One

Jackie Ganter17.319$2,526.72
Nikki Hansen17.435$2,165.78
Shelby Spielman17.443$1,804.80
Carman Pozzobon17.464$1,564.16
Shayna Weir17.52$1,203.20
Jessica Routier17.54$962.56
Angela Ganter17.571$721.92
Vanessa Leggett17.602$481.28
Jenna O'Reilly17.605$360.96
Kirsty White17.606$240.64

Shelby Spielman17.317$1,600
Carman Pozzobon17.447$1,200
Angela Ganter17.466$800
Nikki Hansen17.641$400

Shelby Spielman34.76$2,106.72
Carman Pozzobon34.911$1,805.76
Angela Ganter35.037$1,504.80
Nikki Hansen35.076$1,304.16
Jessica Routier35.218$1,003.20
Shayna Weir35.298$802.56
Kirsty White35.341$601.92
Jenna O'Reilly35.606$401.28
Jackie Ganter35.806$300.86
Vanessa Leggett37.863$200.64


Round One

Lonnie West87$2,210.88Vold Rodeo's 299 Apollo Gold
Jared Parsonage86.5$1,816.08
Cody Coverchuk86$1,223.88
Chris Hansen86$1,223.88
Brock Radford85$651.68
Toby Collins84$315.84
JB Moen84$315.84
Marcos Gloria82.5$157.73

Cody Coverchuk87$1,600Vold Rodeo's +212 Mish Mash
*2400 Ground Money


Cody Coverchuk173$1,650.88
Lonnie West87$1,356.08*on one
Jared Parsonage86.5$1,120.24
Chris Hansen85$766.48
Toby Collins84$383.24
JB Moen84$383.24
Marcos Gloria82.5$176.88
*Ground split: $16.85 each


Tristen Manning78$892.40
Tanner Skene74.5$669.30
Darrion Ference72.5$446.20
Jett Lambert71.5$223.10

*Results courtesy of the CPRA.