picture of 2017 Tri-State Rodeo CINCH Shoot-Out

Sep 7, 2017

The Shoot-Out is an exciting, tournament-style event that features some of the country's top cowboys facing off in events like bull riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, and more. In the first round, livestock and order are chosen randomly, and as the Shoot-Out progresses, the top finishers from the previous round advance to the next phase of the competition. The top finishers will have their choice of animal in the final round, leaving the other competitors little choice in the matter. The winner of the Shoot-Out will receive a $10,000 check from CINCH.


2017 Tri-State Rodeo CINCH Shoot-Out


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The dirt flew at last night's Tri-State Rodeo CINCH Shoot-Out as some of the country's best ropers, riders, and racers threw down for a chance at the $10,000 prize purse in Fort Madison, Iowa.
Bareback RidingRound 1 Round 2
Tim O'Connell89.090.0
Shane O'Connell86.589.5
Jess Pope85.587.0
Steer WrestlingRound 1 Round 2
Justin Morehouse5.534.47
Tyler Waguespack4.954.77
J.D. Struxness4.91No Time
Team RopingRound 1 Round 2
Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira4.886.82
Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill7.86No Time
Brandon Webb/Kollin VonAhn10.14No Time
Saddle Bronc RidingRound 1 Round 2
Cody DeMoss88.089.5
Wade Sundell87.087.0
Brody Cress86.0No Score
Tie-down RopingRound 1 Round 2
Hunter Herrin8.278.04
Marty Yates8.198.27
Trell Etbauer7.9811.52
Barrel RacingRound 1 Round 2
Carley Richardson17.82517.598
Jane Melby17.09717.602
Ivy Conrado17.60122.703
Bull RidingRound 1 Round 2
Trevor Reiste86.087.0
Brennon Eldred86.5No Score
Shane Proctor85.5No Score