21 Things Only Rodeo People Know

21 Things Only Rodeo People Know

Whether you’re a timey, roughie, or a superfan, there are certain things that only people deep inside this crazy sport will fully understand.

May 23, 2019 by Katy Lucas
21 Things Only Rodeo People Know

Come on, you know these are true. 

Whether you’re a timey, a roughie, or a superfan in the stands, there are certain things that only people deep inside this crazy sport will fully understand. So here’s our list of 21 things only rodeo people know.

1. When the entry lady says you got your first preference.

There’s no better feeling than entering for that perf that everyone else wanted, but you’re one of the lucky 10 that got it.

2. When a steer wrestler makes a low 3-second run.

The “big guys” of rodeo sure do get light on their feet when they’re celebrating a smokin’ fast run.

3. When you accidentally step on the back of your buckle.

We’d place accidentally stepping on that peg that holds your buckle on right up there with stepping on a lego.

4. When your draw in the calf roping is average plus plus plus.

Were there rockets strapped to that calf’s feet or did it just feel like it?

5.When you see Sage Kimzey get bucked off.

Let’s get real though. Has anyone actually SEEN this happen?

6. When barrel racers head into the alley.

Some of them may be fire breathing dragons, but dang they can run. Am I right, ladies?

7. When Virgil is in the short round draw.

He didn’t become the two-time PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year by being one the cowboys DON’T want to draw.

8. When you finally draw Virgil and realize you have to get on him now.

OK, you finally drew that big grey beast. Now can you handle him?

9. When you ran on the only dry day of the rodeo.

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some… Good bell boots to a muddy arena.

10. When the arena is a lake and you make the pickup man take you back to the chutes.

Speaking of muddy arenas, we see what you’re doing there, bronc riders.

11. When someone asks if you have extra saddle horn rubber, but you don't want to share with every team roper at the Jackpot.

It’s kind of like sharing gum in school. If one person finds out you have some, you might as well kiss your stash goodbye because everyone will want a piece.

12. When the rodeo actually starts on time.

Props to the committees out there that schedule their rodeo start time like your mom used to schedule your curfew: “It’s 12:00. Not 12:01, not 12:02."  

13. When A Bull Rider Tells You He "Would Have Been 90"

Yeah, and I would have won the world if I’d only bought my PRCA card.

14. When they post the team roping draw at a jackpot.

PSA from the secretary: please wait until she finishes hanging the draw on the board before you swarm.

15. When it's the NFR, so you have to be extra. 

 You know you’ve been waiting all year to wear that ridiculous outfit you literally can’t pull off anywhere else.

16. When it’s the CFR, so you have to be extra warm.

 Trust me, they have cool outfits on for the Canadian Finals Rodeo too. You just can’t see them under the parka they have to wear over top.

17. When your buddy makes a sweet heel shot.

There’s nothing better as a heeler than making that sweet shot and hearing the loud “CAWWW, CAWWW” from the chutes.


18. When a 4D barrel racer tells a 1D racer how she can fix her run.

They’re a pro so they probably won’t say anything bad, but you know exactly what they’re thinking.

19. When you make it to the pickup man on medicine woman.

We’d be proud of that too. Go ahead, take a lap.

20. When you're walking back to your horse and not sure if your tie will hold.

These are the times when you just hope your horse will let you hop on without freaking out over you sneaking back to him.

21. When you didn't get doubled-up on a single rodeo during Cowboy Christmas.

We know you’ve been painstakingly planning your entry schedule for Cowboy Christmas and we wish you the best of luck.