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Lookout Rookie: Meet Haven Meged & 18 Other PRCA Rookies To Watch Out For

Lookout Rookie: Meet Haven Meged & 18 Other PRCA Rookies To Watch Out For

19 PRCA/WPRA rookies were holding onto spots within the top 50 in the world as of April 18 - which were able to make it into the top 15 by seasons end?

Apr 18, 2019 by Katy Lucas
Haven Meged: 7.98 At The American

We always love looking back at predictions from the beginning of the season to see if they ring true by the end, and this article is a great example of that. In April, we analyzed 19 standout rookies who were within the top 50 in the PRCA; now, almost six months later, five of those competitors have withstood the test of time. 

Congratulations to Haven Meged and Shad Mayfield (tie-down roping), Stetson Wright, Trey Kimzeym and Daylon Swearingen (bull riding) who have all made it to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in their first season as full-carded competitors.

Eighteen PRCA rookies and one rookie barrel racer in the WPRA are holding onto spots within the top 50 in the world standings as of April 18, 2019. One of those rookies, in particular, has risen above the rest. 

Of the 19, tie-down roper Haven Meged has earned the most at a whopping $49,697.81 in PRCA earnings so far in his first year of competition on his full card. The Miles City, Montana, cowboy is also the No. 6 man in the world, rubbing elbows with the likes of world champions like Caleb Smidt (2015 and 2018), Tyson Durfey (2016), Shane Hanchey (2013), and Tuf Cooper (2011, 2012, 2014 TDR and 2017 AA). 

“It’s honestly pretty cool to look at it in the standings,” Meged said. 

The 21-year-old has been hustling right alongside these competitors all season, and it shows in his wisdom about the pressures of going head-to-head with the best in the world.

“It's obviously tough, every short round you’re in there’s always good guys,” he said. “Your job is to just go out there and do what you do. Score, get them tied down, and let things fall into place.”

Meged didn’t expect to have this much on the board at this time of year, and has rodeos like San Antonio and the RAM National Circuit Finals to thank for the largest parts of his paycheck, but the 21-year-old is going to need even more big paydays with the goals he’s set for himself.

“When I bought my card my goal was to win rookie of the year in the calf roping, make the National Finals, win a gold buckle, and make the Canadian finals,” Meged said.

“I’ve set myself some pretty darn high goals and it’s all just kind of worked out. It’s a blessing.”

The only other competitor that has earnings close to the $50,000 mark is rookie Stetson Wright, who has $48,206.03 in bull riding earnings and is the No. 6 bull rider in the world. Wright also has $15,387.08 in the event that has made his family so famous: saddle bronc riding.  

Check out the list of the 19 rookies that have been able to crack, and stay inside, the top 50 in the world as things start to heat up for the spring and summer.

PRCA Rookies Inside The Top 50 In The World Standings
NameEventEarningsWorld Standings Placement
Haven MegedTie-Down Roping$49,697.816
Stetson WrightBull Riding$48,206.036
Trey KimzeyBull Riding$28,122.7220
Daylon SwearingenBull Riding$27,211.3522
Carly TaylorBarrel Racing$20,985.5926
Tristan HansenBareback$19,279.7726
Jesse PopeBareback$18,779.7428
Shad MayfieldTie-Down Roping$18,726.5225
Chris BechtholdBull Riding$17,099.0936
Stetson WrightSaddle Bronc Riding$15,387.0832
Lane McGeheeBareback$15,046.6832
Kal FullerTeam Roping (Header)$14,138.2227
Trenton SmithTie-Down Roping$13,275.3237
Heath WilliamsTeam Roping (Heeler)$11,795.8439
Mark KrederBareback$11,131.0741
Levi GrayBull Riding$10,975.8349
Leighton BerryBareback$10,907.1042
Garrett ShadboltBareback$9,798.5947
Denell HendersonSteer Wrestling$9,145.7250