Barrel Racing Shirts: High-Speed Fashion In The Rodeo Arena

Roughies have chaps, timeys have sponsor shirts, but the self-expression made possible through custom barrel racing shirts is a fashion world all its own. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite barrel racing shirts & shirt makers for the arena fashionista in us all.

So whether it’s a t-shirt you wear when you’re not running to show everyone you turn n’ burn or a custom-made shirt you run at the WPRAs with, we’re sure you’ll love all these unique (and oftentimes sparkly) barrel racing shirts.

Ranch Dress’n

Ranch Dress’n is the brainchild of world champion barrel racer Fallon Taylor. What started as a way to support Fallon and Baby Flo has since turned into one of the most recognizable brands in rodeo. Fallon has created a full line of casual tees, jeans, athletic wear, tops, and accessories for barrel racers and rodeo fans to enjoy. Our favorite? Fear the Big Bay Horse.

Rodeo Karma

Army veteran Sarah Rieg is the owner of Rodeo Karma. A self-taught seamstress and designer, Rieg brings her rocker vibes and can-do attitude to create one-of-a-kind, push-the-envelope functional, individualized shirts. If you can dream it, Sarah can make it.

Thunderbird Brand

As their slogan goes, these “luxury rodeo shirts handmade in the mountains of Arizona” are just what they promise. They have unique patterns and always sport fine details in the cuffs, yoke, or collar.

Just Fly Designs

Bling, bling, and more bling. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, well, they were probably right. Few things look as cool as the arena lights flashing off of your brand-new, embellished custom shirt from Just Fly Designs. They put the dazzle in bedazzle.

Pursue Victory/Paige 1912

Canadian and former all-around cowgirl extraordinaire, trick rider, and general hand on horseback Paige Calloway started her clothing line Pursue Victory to create shirts that fit, flatter, and most-importantly STAY TUCKED IN when you compete. She later expanded that line to include Paige 1912 that has a little extra flair and retro touches like ruffles and bow ties in the neckline.


Etsy is the perfect place to find unique gifts for that special person in your life whether she’s a barrel racer, a gymnast, or even a cheerleader. You can find a wide variety of shirts for barrel racers including adorable tees with the quintessential barrel racer motto “3 Barrels, 2 Hearts, 1 Dream.”

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