2018 Canadian Finals Rodeo

Who Made The Cut? See The Unofficial Final Canadian Standings

Who Made The Cut? See The Unofficial Final Canadian Standings

The end of the 2018 CPRA rodeo season was a nail-biter, to say the least. Check out who unofficially made the top 12 that will compete at the CFR!

Oct 1, 2018 by Katy Lucas
Who Made The Cut? See The Unofficial Final Canadian Standings

After the completion of every rodeo season, some competitors are left thinking: If only I hadn't broken the barrier here, or what if I didn't get bucked off there? On the other hand, some may be thinking about how thankful they were for a good draw at the right time, or "I can't believe I made that heel shot."

This is a sport of infinite variables — from the livestock to the conditions, to just plain old good or bad luck — and to those who were able to hang on for the ride of those variables, congratulations are in order. The top 12 and can now breath a sigh of relief and look forward to competing at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in its new home in Red Deer, Alberta, at the end of October. 

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Many of the big moves happened on Thursday and Friday at the CPRA's Grass Roots Final in Calgary, Alberta. A maximum payday of $5,000 — a large number for this time of year — kept the cowboys and cowgirl in full-throttle mode all weekend, and it showed on the scoreboard. 

Round One: 2018 Grass Roots Final

Round 1: 2018 Grass Roots Final

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Round Two: 2018 Grass Roots Final

Round 2: 2018 Grass Roots Final

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It was a nail-biter right until the finish, with swaps happening right up until the conclusion of the final performance in Hanna on Sunday. While we will wait for the official word from the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, we couldn't help but add the results from the Grass Roots Final and Hanna Pro Rodeo to the Canadian Standings to figure out who UNOFFICIALLY made the cut for the 2018 CFR.

Bareback: Stemo Slides Into 12th And Final Spot

Jacob Stemo was on a mission this weekend. A mission that included a $3,750 paycheck at the Grass Roots Final and a $244.40 kicker at Hanna that rocketed the bareback rider into the No. 12 spot in the standings to unofficially qualify for his first Canadian Finals Rodeo since his novice days.

CHAMPION RICHMOND (18)$41,133.981
MARSHALL KY (36)$34,257.732
VOLD JAKE (18)$33,747.913
TAYPOTAT TY (18)$28,260.264
GOODINE COLE (35)$23,872.825
LARSEN ORIN (15)$22,490.496
BERTSCH DANTAN (33)$21,334.227
BENNETT CALEB (15)$19,964.648
LAYE CLINT (16)$19,706.109
DEROSE GAVIN (30)$17,751.4610
HARDWICK SETH (17)$15,865.2511
STEMO JACOB (25)$15,564.6312

Steer Wrestling: The Frank Brothers Are In

The steer wrestling was one of the most exciting — and nerve-wracking — events going into this final weekend of competition in the CPRA. Seven steer wrestlers had a chance to move up, and it was two brothers that were able to get the job done.

It was exciting to watch both Dallas and Derek Frank qualify for the CFR side by side. The pair was No. 15 and 16 respectively before the weekend, and when all the was said and done, they will unofficially head into the No. 10 and 12 spots.

Curtis Cassidy — who was also on the bubble before the weekend — used the big paychecks at Grass Roots to improve his CFR seat from No. 12 all the way up to No. 6.

GUENTHNER SCOTT (29)$38,716.441
MILAN TANNER (29)$23,919.422
CULLING STEPHEN (34)$23,580.823
CASSIDY CODY (39)$21,388.854
WEISGERBER CRAIG (39)$21,291.385
CASSIDY CURTIS (37)$20,363.376
CHAMBERS BRIDGER (23)$19,318.357
DOLLERY KODY (34)$18,440.128
LAYE BRENDAN (37)$18,209.389
FRANK DALLAS (38)$18,117.2610
MOORE CLAYTON (31)$17,762.0111
FRANK DEREK (41)$17,519.7812

Saddle Bronc: Berg Rides His Way To CFR45

Before the Grass Roots Final, saddle bronc rider Justin Berg was on the outside looking in. Two round checks and an average win later and Berg had punched his ticket to CFR45 in Red Deer. 

Berg made two solid rides in Calgary and scored 162 points on two head to win the event and a total of $3,750 — which was enough to move him into the No. 11 spot in Canada. 

ELLIOTT CLAY (15)$40,849.671
THURSTON ZEKE (15)$33,630.382
WATSON JAKE (27)$27,166.703
HAY DAWSON (25)$23,641.424
GREEN LAYTON (23)$21,374.295
BERRY JIM (39)$21,075.436
LARSEN TYREL (18)$21,038.447
HAUSAUER DUSTY (33)$20,859.378
SCHEER CORT (17)$17,398.929
KELTS SAM (34)$16,503.3810
BERG JUSTIN (40)$14,753.3811
DIAZ ISAAC (15)$14,445.1712

Team Roping Headers: Popescul & Buss Make The Cut

Jesse Popescul headed into the weekend just out of the finals with only a $50 deficit to surpass the No. 12 header in the Canadian Standings, but he wasn't going to stop at just $50. Popescul and partner Wyatt Eirikson placed second in round one, third in round two, and second in the average to earn $3,437.50 and shoot Popescul into the No. 9 spot in Canada.

Popescul has also qualified in the tie-down roping and will have a great opportunity to earn his first Canadian high-point title with two events to earn money with at the finals.

Buss was actually the 11th man in the Grass Roots Standings but was able to move up because fellow header Grady Quam was south for a college rodeo, and he made the most of his opportunity. He and partner Riley Wilson earned $2,500 between their second-round win and average placing to slide up into the finals.

JOHNSON DENVER (35)$28,130.611
MCFADDEN ROLAND (39)$24,449.042
MCLEOD TUFTIN (40)$20,551.663
MINOR RILEY (15)$18,133.674
HALL BRENTEN (16)$16,827.435
MCCARROLL JUSTIN (38)$16,217.956
SIMPSON LEVI (35)$14,806.457
ULLERY CLAY (41)$14,711.438
POPESCUL JESSE (40)$14,340.739
TRYAN BRADY (28)$13,936.5110
QUAM GRADY (32)$13,485.6911
BUSS BRETT (43)$12,911.8112

Team Roping Heelers: Wilson Moves In, Buhler Battles Right Until The End

Riley Wilson did some winning this weekend to move from the No. 17 spot to No. 11 in the standings unofficially. Wilson was able to rope with his partner Brett Buss when he moved up the standings, and the pair made things happen to both move up enough spots to qualify.

One competitor that literally battled until the final day of the season was reigning Canadian champion Jeremy Buhler. Buhler and partner Levi Simpson made some good runs, but ultimately failed to collect a check at the Grass Roots Final, so it literally came down to the results after the final performance of the season at Hanna.

Buhler and Simpson won the second place check worth $823.44 each — moving Buhler all the way from No. 13 to No. 10.

WOOLSEY TRISTIN (35)$31,137.641
WIGEMYR DEVIN (41)$25,641.662
MCLEOD TYCE (37)$18,464.803
MINOR BRADY (15)$18,133.694
TRYAN CHASE (16)$16,827.435
MCCARROLL BRETT (38)$16,217.986
WARREN RILEY (41)$14,757.747
FLEWELLING TYREL (37)$13,040.468
ROY KASPER (35)$12,175.469
BUHLER JEREMY (26)$11,816.2710
WILSON RILEY (38)$11,384.8911
TUNKE TRENT (40)$11,315.7712

Tie-Down Roping: Warren Will Be No. 1 At CFR

The top 12 list remained the same after the final weekend of competition, but it didn't mean it wasn't an exciting race to watch. The race was going on at the top end of the standings between Riley Warren and Kyle Lucas.

Warren was leading the standings going into the weekend but after both he and Lucas had a strong Grass Roots Final, Lucas was able to edge Warren out of his spot at the top. Lucas wouldn't enjoy that position for long though. 

Warren showed his ability to be cool under pressure when he made a 7.8 second run at Hanna, earned $1363 and regained his spot at No. 1. Trevor Brazile remains the season leader with over $30,000 earned this year, but did not compete at enough rodeos to qualify for CFR so Warren will be the top man there.

WARREN RILEY (42)$26,753.611
LUCAS KYLE (36)$25,936.262
GRANT MORGAN (39)$23,918.413
BOUCHARD ALWIN (38)$23,769.834
HANCHEY SHANE (15)$20,923.345
BIRD LOGAN (42)$18,544.946
ROMBOUGH LEE (41)$17,013.377
POPESCUL JESSE (42)$15,253.198
SMITH CLAYTON (42)$14,523.219
VEST STETSON (22)$14,187.4210
CASSIDY CURTIS (38)$13,460.0111
DUBLANKO ERIK (40)$12,984.1612

Barrel Racing: Ladies Hold Steady, Ganter Adds To CFR Bucks

Renee Leclercq can breathe easy now that she's made it through the weekend and unofficially qualified in the No. 12 spot for CFR. In fact, all of the ladies were able to hold their spots in the standings after the weekend. 

The Grass Roots Final did pose an opportunity to gain more dollars to put towards a Canadian title though, and Angela Ganter took full advantage of the opportunity. The Texas cowgirl dominated at the final by winning both rounds, the average, and the maximum $5,000 paycheck. 

POZZOBON CARMAN (36)$44,078.741
MANNING TAYLOR (39)$31,333.502
WEIR SHAYNA (38)$26,876.383
CROSSLEY CALLAHAN (26)$25,615.214
GANTER ANGELA (34)$22,903.365
HANSEN NIKKI (18)$22,239.086
SPIELMAN SHELBY (25)$20,343.747
OLAFSON BERTINA (31)$20,064.568
WHITESIDE KYLIE (37)$16,272.489
SKOCDOPOLE DIANE (35)$14,778.9110
ELLIOTT JUSTINE (33)$14,167.3011
LECLERCQ RENE (39)$14,015.4312

Bull Riding: Nash Moves In At Grass Roots, Tetz At Hanna

The race at the bottom of the Canadian Standings was insane to watch this weekend — first Nick Tetz was in, then he was out, then battled his way back by splitting the win at Hanna. Austin Nash, who had just recently lost his spot in the top 12, jumped out and won the first round of the Grass Roots Final and second in the average to regain his CFR qualification. 

Both of these competitors — along with their fellow bull riders — kept us on the edge of our seats all weekend long.

Jared Parsonage was also able to use the weekend to check something off his bucket-list - winning a season leader title. Parsonage won from the Grass Roots Final and Hanna to surpass both Jordan Hansen and Zane Lambert in the standings and earn the coveted title.  

PARSONAGE JARED (22)$37,520.851
HANSEN JORDAN (18)$33,727.922
LAMBERT ZANE (19)$32,139.893
GREEN GARRETT (23)$29,552.074
RADFORD BROCK (13)$29,071.615
COVERCHUK CODY LEE (19)$25,888.726
SCHIFFNER SCOTT (21)$23,904.967
FINKBEINER WACEY (31)$22,774.028
WEST LONNIE (14)$20,891.599
MOEN JB (36)$20,214.0310
NASH AUSTIN (33)$17,387.2511
TETZ NICK (25)$16,607.8112