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See Who's On The Bubble With 29 PRCA Rodeos Left In The 2018 Season

See Who's On The Bubble With 29 PRCA Rodeos Left In The 2018 Season

More than 600 rodeos and over $36 million dollars all boil down to this — see who sits on "the bubble" in the PRCA and who has a chance to pass them.

Sep 20, 2018 by Katy Lucas
See Who's On The Bubble With 29 PRCA Rodeos Left In The 2018 Season

More than 600 rodeos and over $36 million dollars all boil down to this. September 30 marks the final day of the 2018 PRCA regular season, meaning we have less than two weeks until the fate of the top 15 competitors in the world is sealed.

There are just 29 rodeos left before the end of the 2018 PRCA Rodeo Season of September 30, so that means 29 more chances to get within — or stay within — the top 15 in the world. Some are safe, but some are hitting the rodeo trail hard over the next two weekends and counting every penny they earn while they do it. 

We caught up with Tanner Milan last weekend at Oldstoberfest when he was sitting in the 16th spot in the world standings. He's since dropped to No. 17, but the race is still on for Milan though and it wouldn't be unlike him to close the gap in the standings.

Milan In Striking Distance Of WNFR

The only thing we can't track is rodeo count, which is always in short supply for some competitors this time of year that have rodeo'd they're you-know-what's off. So without taking that into consideration, here’s our report on who has a chance, who’s safe, and who needs to do a little more hustling within the top 20 competitors in the PRCA Standings

Bareback: Wyatt Denny Sits On The Bubble

The bareback riding has the biggest jump from No. 15 to 16 out of all of the events. That doesn't mean Wyatt Denny (and the competitors just above him) are definitely safe, but they have a small cushion to work with in the final few rodeos left in the season.

Clint Laye is the No. 16 man and is over $7,500 behind Denny, so he'll need some big wins to make it back to his second WNFR.


1Tim O'ConnellZwingleIA$180,526.57SAFE
2Caleb BennettTremontonUT$170,004.59SAFE
3Orin LarsenInglisMB$130,655.10SAFE
4Clayton BiglowClementsCA$130,611.26SAFE
5Bill TutorHuntsvilleTX$117,871.78SAFE
6Richmond ChampionThe WoodlandsTX$113,791.69SAFE
7Kaycee FeildSpanish ForkUT$107,861.00SAFE
8Steven DentMullenNE$105,982.21SAFE
9Jake BrownClevelandTX$101,402.58SAFE
10Mason ClementsSpringvilleUT$99,535.81SAFE
11Ty BreuerMandanND$91,255.71SAFE
12Tilden HooperCarthageTX$88,634.09SAFE
13Shane O'ConnellRapid CitySD$78,929.11Should be safe
14J.R. VezainCowleyWY$77,710.54Should be safe
15Wyatt DennyMindenNV$73,640.51BUBBLE
16Clint LayeCadoganAB$65,913.95Needs $7,726.57
17Seth HardwickRanchesterWY$62,631.56Needs $11,008.99
18Tanner AusGranite FallsMN$58,446.03Needs $15,194.49
19Ty TaypotatReginaSK$58,323.71Needs $15,316.81
20Will LoweCanyonTX$57,684.94Needs $15,955.58

Steer Wrestling: Nick Guy On The Bubble, Others Might Need To Win More

Steer wrestling is a funny event where guys get on a roll and go to winning tons of money - a.k.a. Curtis Cassidy’s fast climb to No. 1 in the world standings over a couple weekends of competition. So, even though there are some guys that need to win quite a bit to catch them, I've left up to the No. 12 man in the world as a "should be safe" because weirder things have happened in this event.


1Curtis CassidyDonaldaAB$104,798.37SAFE
2Tyler PearsonLouisvilleMS$97,520.36SAFE
3Scott GuenthnerProvostAB$91,925.40SAFE
4Ty EricksonHelenaMT$89,661.75SAFE
5Will LummusWest PointMS$86,957.99SAFE
6Hunter CureHollidayTX$83,710.50SAFE
7Bridger ChambersStevensvilleMT$81,178.35SAFE
8Tanner BrunnerRamonaKS$81,044.20SAFE
9Jacob TalleykeatchieLA$79,964.00SAFE
10Tyler WaguespackGonzalesLA$78,154.86SAFE
11Riley DuvallChecotahOK$75,714.29SAFE
12Blake MindemannBlanchardOK$75,385.85Should be safe
13Blake KnowlesHeppnerOR$73,474.17Might need a little more
14Kyle IrwinRobertsdaleAL$73,264.36Might need a little more
15Nick GuySpartaWI$69,911.30BUBBLE
16Cole EdgeDurantOK$68,479.93Needs $1,431.38
17Tanner MilanCochraneAB$67,601.21Needs $2,310.10
18Cameron MormanGlen UllinND$62,675.96Needs $7,235.35
19Billy BugenigFerndaleCA$60,662.70Needs $9,248.61
20Chason FloydBuffaloSD$59,135.16Needs $10,776.15

Team Roping: Lane Ivy and Buddy Hawkins Sit On The Bubble

The team roping represents one of the tighter races between the No. 15 and 16 spots with headers Lane Ivy and Spencer Mitchell only showing a difference of just over $11 at the money, and heelers Buddy Hawkins II and Quinn Kelser just under $450 apart.

Both the heading and heeling don't have huge jumps between the earnings for the competitors from the 12 to 20 spots, so they probably can't consider themselves safe until September 30 hits.  


RankNameCityState EarningsAnalysis
1Kaleb DriggersHobokenGA$110,100.57SAFE
2Clay SmithBroken BowOK$109,190.15SAFE
3Dustin EgusquizaMarianaFL$100,805.49SAFE
4Clay TryanBillingsMT$96,990.03SAFE
5Cody SnowLos OlivosCA$85,639.55SAFE
6Chad MastersCedar HillTN$85,352.95SAFE
7Bubba BuckalooKingstonOK$85,335.95SAFE
8Luke BrownRock hillSC$81,870.89SAFE
9Derrick BegaySeba DalkaiAZ$81,853.37SAFE
10Riley MinorEllensburgWA$81,553.75SAFE
11Aaron TsinigineTuba CityAZ$81,311.61SAFE
12Tyler WadeTerrellTX$66,914.01Should be safe
13Erich RogersRound RockAZ$66,531.36Might need a little more
14Rhen RichardRooseveltUT$65,232.02Might need a little more
15Lane IvyDublinTX$61,675.69BUBBLE
16Spencer MitchellOrange CoveCA$61,664.44Needs $11.26
17Jeff FlennikenCaldwellID$59,552.43Needs $2,123.27
18Joshua TorresOcalaFL$57,106.77Needs $4,568.93
19Logan OlsonFlandreauSD$56,107.69Needs $5,568.01
20Kolton SchmidtBarrheadAB$55,571.91Needs $6,103.79


1Junior NogueiraBurlesonTX$111,084.42SAFE
2Paul EaveslonedellMO$109,190.15SAFE
3Joseph HarrisonOverbrookOK$104,525.85SAFE
4Kory KoontzStephenvilleTX$100,805.49SAFE
5Trey YatesPuebloCO$96,283.62SAFE
6Travis GravesJayOK$93,132.89SAFE
7Cory PetskaMaranaAZ$90,046.66SAFE
8Wesley ThorpThrockmortonTX$81,950.22SAFE
9Jake LongCoffeyvilleKS$81,870.89SAFE
10Brady MinorEllensburgWA$80,361.13SAFE
11Clint SummersLake CityFL$79,483.38SAFE
12Chase TryanHelenaMT$67,964.22SAFE
13Cole DavisonStephenvilleTX$62,476.81Might need a little more
14Jake MinorEllensburgWA$59,552.44Might need a little more
15Buddy Hawkins IIColumbusKS$58,669.09BUBBLE
16Quinn KeslerHoldenUT$58,220.93Needs $448.17
17Jonathan TorresOcalaFL$57,106.77Needs $1,562.33
18Matt KasnerCodyNE$57,038.29Needs $1,630.80
19Trace PorterLeesvilleLA$56,138.26Needs $2,530.86
20Reagan WardEdmondOK$54,610.70Needs $4,058.39

Saddle Bronc: Spencer Wright On The Bubble

The saddle bronc race has some larger gaps around the bottom end that make it look like only three guys really need to keep their socks pulled up in the last couple weeks of competition. Spencer Wright needs to look over his shoulder for both Chase Brooks and Allen Boore, who are both just over $1,000 behind him. 

Looking up the standings, Taos Muncy (No. 14) and Joey Sonnier III (No. 13) aren't 100% safe either if enough of the guy below them have a good last couple weeks.


1Jacobs CrawleyBoerneTX$159,933.29SAFE
2Ryder WrightBeaverUT$158,318.15SAFE
3Isaac DiazDesdemonaTX$122,276.00SAFE
4Rusty WrightMilfordUT$116,647.56SAFE
5Zeke ThurstonBig ValleyAB$112,636.79SAFE
6Brody CressHillsdaleWY$111,587.67SAFE
7Clay ElliottNantonAB$103,230.62SAFE
8Wade SundellBoxholmIA$102,982.81SAFE
9Sterling CrawleyStephenvilleTX$97,673.91SAFE
10Cort ScheerElsmereNE$94,632.87SAFE
11CoBurn BradshawBeaverUT$88,462.06SAFE
12Jake WrightMilfordUT$81,902.60SAFE
13Joey Sonnier IIINew IberiaLA$78,754.23SAFE
14Taos MuncyCoronaNM$74,631.66Might need to win a little more
15Spencer WrightMilfordUT$72,161.76BUBBLE
16Chase BrooksDeer LodgeMT$71,109.84Needs $1,051.93
17Allen BooreAxtellUT$70,862.46Needs $1,299.31
18JJ ElshereHerefordSD$68,249.27Needs $3,912.50
19Bradley HarterLorangerLA$61,988.69Needs $10,173.08
20Colt GordonComancheOK$52,455.58Needs $19,706.19

Tie-Down Roping: Only $5 Separates Ryan Jarrett & Sterling Smith

After millions of dollars are awarded in the PRCA each year, how does it always seem to come down to just a few bucks for some? Sterling Smith is just $5.66 away from passing Ryatt Jarrett in the tie-down roping standings, and just over $130 from the No. 14 man Blane Cox. 

I'll repeat - FIVE DOLLARS could move Smith into the 2018 WNFR, this highest paying event in professional rodeo. 


1Tuf CooperDecaturTX$129,897.78SAFE
2Shane HancheySulphurLA$126,514.96SAFE
3Tyson DurfeyWeatherfordTX$125,949.16SAFE
4Ryle SmithOakdaleCA$92,081.54SAFE
5Jake PrattEllensburgWA$91,032.58SAFE
6Trevor BrazileDecaturTX$89,676.48SAFE
7Cooper MartinAlmaKS$89,044.85SAFE
8Caleb SmidtBellvilleTX$87,469.20SAFE
9Cory SolomonPrairie ViewTX$86,674.88SAFE
10Reese RiemerStinnettTX$83,900.11SAFE
11Matt ShiozawaChubbuckID$83,376.58SAFE
12Rhen RichardRooseveltUT$79,759.90SAFE
13Marty YatesStephenvilleTX$79,154.49SAFE
14Blane CoxCameronTX$74,652.15Might need to win a little more
15Ryan JarrettComancheOK$74,525.83BUBBLE
16Sterling SmithStephenvilleTX$74,520.18Needs $5.66
17Adam GraySeymourTX$68,057.84Needs $6,468.00
18Tyler MilliganPawhuskaOK$65,658.12Needs $8,867.72
19Scott KormosTeagueTX$65,031.07Needs $9,494.77
20Ty HarrisSan AngeloTX$62,751.78Needs $11,774.05

Barrel Racing: Richardson On Bubble, Telford Close Behind

Amberleigh Moore should be safe but I'm not ready to call it done yet, Tracy Nowlin might be a few more dollars, and Carley Richardson sits on the bubble with only a $150 cushion over the next WPRA barrel racer. Those last two spots are going to be nail-biting as both Richardson and Jessica Telford battle it out in the last few rodeos of their seasons.


1Hailey KinselCotullaTX$192,492.10SAFE
2Nellie MillerCottonwoodCA$146,825.96SAFE
3Brittany Pozzi TonozziVictoriaTX$133,806.59SAFE
4Lisa LockhartOelrichsSD$123,516.23SAFE
5Stevi HillmanWeatherfordTX$109,231.46SAFE
6Taci BettisRound TopTX$102,974.53SAFE
7Kylie WeastComancheOK$99,916.98SAFE
8Jessica RoutierBuffaloSD$98,704.23SAFE
9Ivy ConradoHudsonCO$96,376.60SAFE
10Tammy FischerLedbetterTX$91,276.75SAFE
11Carman PozzobonAldergroveBC$86,946.59SAFE
12Kelly Bruner (G)MillsapTX$86,661.83SAFE
13Amberleigh MooreSalemOR$85,976.99Should be safe
14Tracy NowlinNowataOK$85,493.68Might need a little more
15Carley RichardsonPampaTX$83,010.94BUBBLE
16Jessica TelfordCaldwellID$82,859.36Needs $151.59
17Kellie CollierHerefordTX$77,493.55Needs $5,517.40
18Teri BangartOlympiaWA$75,460.69Needs $7,550.26
19Jessi FishFranklinTN$74,938.75Needs $8,072.19
20Tiany SchusterKrumTX$68,197.28Needs $14,813.66

*Barrel racing world standings courtesy of the WPRA.

Bull Riding: Most Wide-Open Race Of All Events

The bull riding is going to be the most interesting standings race to watch over these next two weeks with fewer "safe" competitors than any other event. The tight race between No. 10 to 20, coupled with the fact that there are a few high-paying Xtreme Bulls events left in the season mean the standings could shuffle a ton before the season ends at the end of the month.

Clayton Sellars, Elliot Jacoby, and Jordan Spears could all very easily move into the standings, with a couple more that have fighting chances behind them. It will be a nail-biter right down to the final eight seconds in this event.


1Sage KimzeyStrong CityOK$281,039.41SAFE - and will probably win a bunch more
2Parker BredingEdgarMT$179,895.38SAFE
3Dustin BoquetBourgLA$111,544.20SAFE
4Boudreaux CampbellCrockettTX$106,430.78SAFE
5Roscoe JarboeNew PlymouthID$104,624.00SAFE
6Chase DoughertyCanbyOR$102,729.35SAFE
7Jeff AskeyAthensTX$101,530.56SAFE
8Trey Benton IIIRock IslandTX$95,420.02SAFE
9Cole MelanconBatsonTX$94,763.58SAFE
10Tyler BinghamHoneyvilleUT$94,432.19Should be safe
11Eli VastbinderAthensTX$94,111.05Should be safe
12Joe FrostRandlettUT$92,328.09Might need to win a little more
13Trevor KastnerRoffOK$91,360.02NOT SAFE
14Koby RadleyMontpelierLA$91,042.32NOT SAFE
15Garrett TribbleBristowOK$90,094.12BUBBLE
16Clayton SellarsFruitland ParkFL$89,935.96Needs $158.17
17Elliot JacobyFredericksburgTX$89,200.03Needs $894.10
18Jordan SpearsReddingCA$88,978.18Needs $1,115.95
19J.W. HarrisGoldthwaiteTX$86,040.27Needs $4,053.85
20Riker CarterStoneID$81,950.12Needs $8,144.50