Oldstoberfest 2018

Do Or Die Time For Competitors On The Bubble For Grass Roots

Do Or Die Time For Competitors On The Bubble For Grass Roots

As they prepare for Oldstoberfest, contestants may have another event on their mind. The Grass Roots Final looms ahead & for some, it's do or die time.

Sep 14, 2018 by Katy Lucas
Do Or Die Time For Competitors On The Bubble For Grass Roots

If you have a chip and a chair, you have a chance. That’s what six-time CFR steer wrestling qualifier Baillie Milan says. That’s all you need when you saddle up for this poker game we call rodeo, and it’s the thing that keeps pushing competitors to make the miles in the hopes of qualifying for the ever-evasive “finals” — whichever one that may be.

As the end of the 2018 rodeo season in the CPRA and PRCA starts to draw near, we’re going to keep our eyes on “the bubble,” that nerve-wracking zone between having a chance and feeling safe. We’ll see who can overcome that position, and who will have to try again next year.

Do Or Die Time To Get Into Grass Roots Final

If you’re not safely within the top 10 in the Grass Roots standings, and certainly if you’re not on the top end of the CPRA standings — you better have your hammer cocked for Oldstoberfest this weekend and be ready to make some money.

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But who actually has a chance to make the Grass Roots Final if they’re able to do well this weekend? 

The Grass Roots standings can be deceiving if you don’t factor in the rodeo count that competitors must hit in order to qualify to compete at the Grass Roots Final — 40 percent for Canadian residents (13 rodeos) and 50 percent for non-residents. The timed events right now are pretty self-explanatory because most of the competitors on the list have their count and it's just a matter of looking down the list to see who can win enough money to squeeze in.

The roughstock events are a different story though. You have to look much further down the list to fill the spots, meaning it could be anyone’s game before this weekend seals the fate of the standings immensely.

So, prepare for a lot of numbers to be thrown at you because there are only two regular-season rodeos left before the 2018 Grass Roots Finals and it's truly do-or-die time for some CPRA competitors. 

Bull Riding: Coverchuk Putting On The Pressure And Can Brown Hold Off The Sleepers In The Herd?

CPRA Rookie Cody Coverchuk has been having the kind of year all new professional rodeo competitors dream about. After kicking it in the PBR, he's entered the first year in the CPRA and already won the Finning Pro Tour and the spot in the Calgary Stampede next year that goes with it. He’s solidified his spot in the 2018 Canadian Finals Rodeo, and - while he won't make his rodeo count for the Grass Roots Finals - he's still putting the pressure on those who can qualify, and himself.

"You know, when it gets to be this time of year every year it seems like every ride counts for so much more and I haven't had great success dealing with that added pressure,” said Coverchuk. “This year I'm going at it with a whole new mindset — I'm not thinking about all the stats and all that other jazz, I'm just pushing the chips all in every single bull I get on and really approaching every bull I get on with a 'ride or die' mentality."

That's OK, Cody, we'll obsess over the stats and all that jazz for you and the cowboys that has a chance to qualify with just one rodeo left in the Grass Roots series.

There are some sleepers in the herd that have an opportunity to not only catch No. 10 in the Grass Roots standings - Kyle Brown - but if they are successful at qualifying for the “last chance finals,” could earn their own spot in the Canadian Finals Rodeo. 

Looking first at the Grass Roots standings Brown has $5,768.43 in earnings, and a scroll over to the Canadian Standings also shows a slim, but mathematically possibly chance for Brown to also earn the $6,000 he needs to surpass the No. 12 man in those standings — but he’d need to get into the Grass Roots Finals to do it. 

Due to an injury that has taken him out of competition since the Strathmore weekend, Tim Lipsett finds himself in a tough spot in both the Grass Roots and Canadian Standings. He needs $1891.19 to pass Brown in the Grass Roots, and with only this weekend left to do it, every dollar will count to to keep that dream alive. 

He has just under a $5,000 gap to make up in the Canadian Standings as well, and can do it if he makes the Grass Roots Final — truly making it do or die for Lipsett this weekend.

Confused yet? Maybe this chart will help… or not?


Money PlacingCompetitorHometownGrass Roots Money WonACTUAL Grass Roots Standings SpotAnalysisACTUAL Canadian Standings (CFR) Spot
1MOEN JB (25)ELROSE, SK13,950.041Safe for Grass Roots10
2NASH AUSTIN (23)ECKVILLE, AB13,160.162Safe for Grass Roots12
3GARDNER JACOB (26)DAWSON CREEK, BC13,042.573Safe for Grass Roots14
4LARSEN KANE (28)CROSSFIELD, AB11,699.474Safe for Grass Roots13
5ELLIS TY (29)SONNINGDALE, SK10,448.615Safe for Grass Roots16
6FINKBEINER WACEY (20)PONOKA, AB10,014.436Safe for Grass Roots8
7GREEN GARRETT (12)MEETING CREEK, AB8,844.497Safe for Grass Roots3
8LAMBERT ZANE (10)PONOKA, AB8,290.08XDoes not meet rodeo count2
9PARSONAGE JARED (14)MAPLE CREEK, SK7,555.468Should be safe for Grass Roots5
10TETZ NICK (14)CALGARY, AB7,403.249Should be safe for Grass Roots11
11WEST LONNIE (8)CADOGAN, AB6,550.29XDoes not meet rodeo count10 (if he gets to one more rodeo)
12CAMPBELL BOUDREAUX (4)CROCKETT, TX6,526.15XDoes not meet rodeo countDoes not meet rodeo count
13COVERCHUK CODY LEE (11)MEADOWLAKE, SK6,343.46XDoes not meet rodeo count6
14BROWN KYLE (28)DIDSBURY, AB5,768.4310Could be bumped18
15BIEVER LOGAN (5)CLARESHOLM, AB5,180.90XDoes not meet rodeo countDoes not meet rodeo count
16HANSEN JORDAN (9)CALGARY, AB4,747.44XDoes not meet rodeo count1
17BROWN CAMERON (24)DIDSBURY, AB4,391.6511Needs $1,377.0119
18YOUNG CHRIS (26)HOLDEN, AB4,359.2612Needs $1,409.1820
19ROHLOFF LINDEN (12)BEZANSON, AB4,238.88XOn his permit, does not qualifyOn his permit, does not qualify
20GEE LUKE (13)STANFORD, MT4,149.00XDoes not meet rodeo countDoes not meet rodeo count
21LIPSETT TIMOTHY (12)LUMSDEN, SK3,877.2413Needs $1891.1917

Saddle Bronc: Which Two Will Win The Battle?

Four have a chance, but only two can stay. 

That’s the situation that Lane Watt, Dusty Hausauer, Cole Ashbacher, and Ricky Warren are finding themselves in right now. Watt and Hausauer are inside the top 10 right now, but the other two are breathing down their necks with just a thousand-dollar gap to make up for Ashbacher and $1,200 for Warren to get into the Grass Roots Finals.

But here’s where the numbers get really complicated — with much further reaching implications. 

Hausauer is in CFR so he doesn’t have to stress, but all three of the other bronc riders have a mathematical chance to make their FIRST Canadian Finals Rodeo. Watt has by far the best shot with only a $2,168.52 gap standings between him and his first qualification. Warren is next with a $3,122.63 deficit. And Ashbacher is a long shot, but if he can get into the Grass Roots finals he has a mathematical chance of covering the $6,573.13 spread.

This weekend will help tell if Watt can hang on to his top-10 placing, or if the other two can sneak in for a chance at the Grass Roots Final and ultimately, the CFR.


Money PlacingCompetitorHometownGrass Roots Money WonACTUAL Grass Roots Standings SpotAnalysisACTUAL Canadian Standings (CFR) Spot
1BERRY JIM (29)ROCKY MTN HOUSE AB12,864.301Safe for Grass Roots4
2KELTS SAM (23)STAVELY, AB10,394.322Safe for Grass Roots10
3WATSON JAKE (19)HUDSONS HOPE, BC9,226.493Safe for Grass Roots3
4HAY DAWSON (17)WILDWOOD, AB9,167.464Safe for Grass Roots5
5GREEN LAYTON (15)MEETING CREEK, AB9,086.145Safe for Grass Roots9
6BERG JUSTIN (29)CAMROSE, AB8,134.846Safe for Grass Roots15
7WANCHUK KOLBY (30)SHERWOOD PARK, AB8,014.847Safe for Grass Roots12
8THURSTON ZEKE (9)BIG VALLEY, AB7,628.57XWill not meet minimum2
9DAHM DAWSON (26)DUFFIELD, AB7,600.748Should be safe for Grass Roots13
10LARSEN TYREL (12)INGLIS, MB6,979.55XWill not meet minimum10
11WATT LANE (30)HARDISTY, AB6,793.669Could be bumped17
12HAUSAUER DUSTY (21)DICKINSON, ND5,215.5310Could be bumped6
13CORRINGTON TYLER (13)HASTINGS MN4,782.10XWill not meet minimum14
14FLUNDRA DUSTIN (10)PINCHER CREEK, AB4,703.43XWill not meet minimum16
15ELLIOTT CLAY (9)NANTON, AB4,626.96XWill not meet minimum1
16SCHMIDT CHUCK (8)KELDRON, SD4,462.60XWill not meet minimum23
17ASHBACHER KOLE (29)ARROWWOOD, AB4,127.8711Needs $1087.67 to get into top 10 for Grass Roots22
18WARREN RICKY (19)HUDSONS HOPE, BC3,930.2312Needs $1285.31 to get into top 10 for Grass Roots18
19MILLER COLTON (14)LANCE CREEK, WY3,454.86XWill not meet minimum19
20SCHEER CORT (11)ELSMERE NE3,274.73XWill not meet minimum11
21GORDON COLT (8)COMANCHE, OK2,580.54XWill not meet minimumDoesn’t meet rodeo count
22SCHUELKE TAYGEN (7)NEWELL, SD2,185.86XWill not meet minimumDoesn’t meet rodeo count
23CRESS BRODY (3)HILLSDALE, WY2,103.96XWill not meet minimumDoesn’t meet rodeo count
24KNIGHT TOM (14)SYNDER, TX1,964.17XWill not meet minimum24
25COLLINS TOBY (8)STEPHENVILLE, TX1,739.69XWill not meet minimum26
26MARR CALL (24)TWIN BUTTE, AB1,574.7213Needs $3,640.82 (Too much to get into Grass Roots)20
27CUST LANE (16)ARDMORE AB1,506.5314Needs $3709.01 (Too much to get into Grass Roots)25

Bareback: Literally ANYONE With Enough Rodeos Could Get In

I’d also like to point out the bareback riding – because of the requirements for the number of rodeos you have to hit, the event’s inherently low number of entries, and bareback riders tendency to be a little more choosy about how many rodeos they enter because of the extreme stress on their bodies – it creates an odd situation in the Grass Roots standings. When you go down the list and only count the guys that actually have their rodeo count, we just barely fill the ten spots for the Grass Roots Final.

So what does that mean? Cole Jamieson is sitting on the bubble now with $1,334.65 in the Grass Roots bareback riding race, but Oldstoberfest paid just over that for first in the bareback last year. Meaning literally ANYONE could sneak in there after these next two weekends if they have enough rodeos in their count. 


Money PlacingCompetitorHometownGrass Roots Money WonACTUAL Grass Roots Standings SpotAnalysisACTUAL Canadian Standings (CFR) Spot
1MARSHALL KY (24)BOWDEN, AB11,633.011Safe for Grass Roots3
2GOODINE COLE (24)CARBON, AB11,078.692Safe for Grass Roots6
3TAYPOTAT TY (10)REGINA, SK8,575.99XWill not meet minimum4
4ISABELLE PASCAL (27)OKOTOKS, AB8,185.703Safe for Grass Roots12
5BENNETT CALEB (9)TREMONTON , UT8,016.88XWill not meet minimum7
6VOLD JAKE (10)AIRDRIE, AB7,207.07XWill not meet minimum2
7CHAMPION RICHMOND (10)DUBLIN, TX6,857.70XWill not meet minimum1
8HARDWICK SETH (11)RANCHESTER, WY6,443.85XWill not meet minimum11
9STEMO JACOB (17)BASHAW, AB6,291.064Safe for Grass Roots13
10DEROSE GAVIN (17)KAMLOOPS, BC6,124.615Safe for Grass Roots10
11BERTSCH DANTAN (21)EASTEND, SK5,116.026Safe for Grass Roots9
12CREASY LUKE (9)BROWNFIELD, AB5,090.40XWill not meet minimum15
13ADAMS COLIN (6)DELORAINE, MB4,570.00XWill not meet minimumWill not meet minimum
14LACASSE SPUR (20)AIRDRIE, AB4,099.017Safe for Grass Roots16
15LAYE CLINT (8)CADOGAN AB4,059.48XWill not meet minimum8
16VEZAIN JR (7)COWLEY, WY3,951.10XWill not meet minimumWill not meet minimum
17SOLBERG MICHAEL (16)SUNNYNOOK, AB3,747.778Safe for Grass Roots14
18LAMB KODY (6)SHERWOOD PARK, AB3,531.26XWill not meet minimumWill not meet minimum
19BILTON DYLAN (17)RED DEER COUNTY, AB3,421.989Safe for Grass Roots17
20POLLMILLER JUSTIN (4)WEATHERFORD, OK3,231.43XWill not meet minimumWill not meet minimum
21LARSEN ORIN (8)INGLIS, MB2,523.75XWill not meet minimum5
22REILLY DEVAN (9)SHERIDAN, WY1,674.58XWill not meet minimumWill not meet minimum
23JAMIESON COLE (15)RED DEER, AB1,334.6510Could get bumped18