2018 National Little Britches Association Finals

THE RANK Class Of 2018/2019 Rolled Out. Who Tops The List?

THE RANK Class Of 2018/2019 Rolled Out. Who Tops The List?

We're rolling out the 2018/2019 season of The Rank, now including over 500 regular-season rodeos from the National Little Britches Rodeo Association.

Sep 10, 2018 by Katy Lucas
THE RANK Class Of 2018/2019 Rolled Out. Who Tops The List?

The Rank is back and bigger than ever for the 2018-2019 junior rodeo season with the addition of approximately 500 regular-season events that will help us track more future rodeo superstars than ever before. We started with tracking the major junior rodeo events streamed on FloRodeo, but for the new season we are digging deeper by tracking all of the National Little Britches Rodeo Association season rodeos. 

That's 500 more chances to track the best junior athletes across North America.

Soon, today's top professional competitors will be reckoning with a fresh crop of youngsters that have been rosining up, roping, and racing in the arena since they left kindergarten.

That’s why we want to continue find, recognize, and promote these promising young upstarts through the 2018/2019 edition of The Rank.


The Rank

The Rank is North America’s ultimate compilation of junior rodeo rankings. By following the major junior rodeo associations—including the National Little Britches Association Finals, it’s regular season rodeos, The International Finals Youth Rodeo, and more—The Rank literally ranks the rankest riders, racers, and ropers (say that five times fast) in one spot for fans across the continent to follow the regular-season action of the junior circuits.

Based on the pace of the regular season, The Rank will typically be updated biweekly, unless a major development warrants a timelier update or limited action doesn’t necessitate an update.


The Rank’s junior rodeo rankings are based on a contestant’s average time or score, and include boosters for placing multiple times. The preseason rankings are based on results from the last major championships of the season prior; for example, the 2018/2019 preseason rankings are based on results from the 2018 National Little Britches Finals Rodeo and International Finals Youth Rodeo.

Average Time/Score = the average of each contestant's times/scores that make it into the top 10 results at each of the NLBRA season rodeos, as well as other junior events that FloRodeo streams. The top 15 will be taken into account at the major rodeo finals as well. 

Time/Score Booster = plus 0.2 points each time a contestant places at an event in the roughstock; minus 0.2 seconds for every time a contestant places at an event in the timed events. 

Barrel Racing Arena Size = Arena size will be accounted for in the barrel by starting all barrel racers at a standard time of 19 seconds. Instead of calculating their average time, which does not account for arena size, a calculation will be done to determine the "spread,” or how much time a barrel racer wins by in relation to the last hole time. That time will then be deducted from the 18-second run. For example, a barrel racer who wins by an average of 0.5 seconds over the last place will have a time of 18.5 (19 seconds minus 0.5 = 18.5 —boosters for placing multiple times will also be deducted from the 19-second time).

See Who Leads The Way For The 2018/2019 Season

The Rank’s 2018/2019 preseason rankings are LIVE—check out some of the familiar names in the junior rodeo scene leading the way!                                              


Hunter Ramsey

Steer Wrestling

Gavin Soileau

Team Roping Header

Jace Bland

Team Roping Heeler

Justin Elms

Saddle Bronc Riding

Karson Mebane

Tie-Down Roping

Kolton Adams

Breakaway Roping

Alli Masters

Barrel Racing

Ava Nunez

Bull Riding

Mason Taylor

Goat Tying

Jacey Thompson

See the full list of who made it on to The Rank HERE

Rising Stars

Look for regular features on junior rodeo competitors throughout the season in our Rising Stars series! FloRodeo will highlight select cowboys and cowgirls in written features with photos, stats, and fun facts to give you regular insights on the personalities behind the names on The Rank. 

Want your favorite cowboy or cowgirl to be featured as one of FloRodeo’s Rising Stars? Fill out our online form HERE to tell us a little bit about yourself.